How To Make Your Next Infographic Work

One of the biggest things that happened recently in content marketing was the infographic. This particular aspect of content marketing really became popular over the last couple of years. And then it kind of died. Like many trends, it was jumped on, done to death, and then discarded by the majority. Or was it? IsContinue reading “How To Make Your Next Infographic Work”

Facebook Moves Closer To VR Social Network

Facebook has always tried to push the envelope with its products and services. It’s overriding aim seems to be to dominate the social media space, and that has fueled it’s acquisitions, innovations and arguably it’s problems.  Facebook has just released a little more information about Facebook Horizon. This is a fully immersive VR environment, and what makesContinue reading “Facebook Moves Closer To VR Social Network”

Twitter Fights Against Pointless Retweets

Twitter has, like many other social media platforms recently, been trying to make sure that any content you see on feeds is worthy content. That’s why Twitter has just announced that it is testing a new button that will allow people to be protected against the sharing of misinformation or all dated content. Essentially, users will be encouragedContinue reading “Twitter Fights Against Pointless Retweets”

Stop Selling. Start Building

Why do people use social media? From Twitter to Facebook, there is only one reason: To express themselves. Even on LinkedIn, which is a so-called ‘professional social media site’ you see a lot more happening on the personal profiles than you do on the company pages. People are people, and they can’t stop being people.Continue reading “Stop Selling. Start Building”

Some Actual Real-Life Advice On Using Twitter For Your Business

Ahh, Twitter. I have to confess I’m a bit of a Twitter addict. In fact, last week I had to finally remove the app from my iPhone because I was using it just a little too much and it was affecting my productivity. And that’s just scary. But if you use Twitter for your businessContinue reading “Some Actual Real-Life Advice On Using Twitter For Your Business”

9 Blog Post Ideas You Can Use Today

Running a blog is a great and exciting adventure, especially when it starts to gain traction and a following.  But it takes work, and if you begin to become even remotely successful, at some point you will find yourself with a dry well when it comes to blog ideas. Don’t despair. Here are 9 waysContinue reading “9 Blog Post Ideas You Can Use Today”

Which Social Network Is Best For Your Business?

When it comes to digital marketing, there are tons of different social networks to choose from, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.To cover just a few, you have: * Facebook* Twitter* Tumblr* LinkedIn* Instagram And this is before you’ve even covered some of the less obvious social networks, or the networks that skirt theContinue reading “Which Social Network Is Best For Your Business?”

How To Grow Your Authority Online

A few years ago I was at a really awful networking meeting (I might as well be honest about it) where I ended up literally watching the clock, eating stale bread rolls while making depressing ‘conversation’ with astonishingly boring and self-serving people. Not a great morning. But the worst part was seeing a guy stepContinue reading “How To Grow Your Authority Online”

Not Christmas Yet, But Facebook Wants Your Business To Be Ready

This post previously appeared on Traditionally, Christmas is the time of year when marketing and advertising goes into overdrive. Billions of dollars are spent and it’s all about new product launches, updates and general spending everywhere. Facebook knows this, and Facebook is built on advertising revenue. So you can expect a certain level ofContinue reading “Not Christmas Yet, But Facebook Wants Your Business To Be Ready”

LinkedIn creates guide for social media marketing

This post originally appeared on LinkedIn is a huge professional network, and it continues to grow and exceed expectations. The social media platform has also been pushing recently to make sure it is more accessible to its users. This has involved making it’s feeds less stuffy and more like those of Facebook and otherContinue reading “LinkedIn creates guide for social media marketing”