How Much Is My Laptop Worth At A Pawn Shop (complete guide for 2023)

How much is my laptop worth at a pawn shop is a complete guide to getting some quick cash at a pawn shop.

In this in-depth guide you will learn:

  • How to get a good deal for your laptop
  • The answer to the question How much is my laptop worth at a pawn shop?
  • How to prepare your laptop for a pawn shop appraisal
  • How to manage your first time at a pawn shop

So if you’re ready to use your old laptop to get some quick cash, this guide is for you.

Newer is better

Taking your old laptop to a pawn shop and getting a fair price isn’t difficult. However, it is always a good idea to make sure you know how much your old laptop is worth.

Your laptop’s value depends on a number of factors, including whether or not it is in poor condition or good shape. A pawn loan at the best price demands a good condition laptop with other features that make it worth the best loan amount.

And let’s get something clear right off the bat. Newer models make more money than older models. And newer models in good condition make the most money.

If your old laptop is a desirable brand then you can expect it to fetch a higher price.

How much is my laptop worth at a pawn shop: the laptop situation

Before you do anything, contact the local pawn stores to check if they actually accept laptops. Some won’t. You can ask them what the price range is for laptops so you know what the most realistic best deal is, but it’s generally true that old laptops pawn for between $50-500.

Pawn stores pay the most money for a small group of items. Jewelry, for example, will always hold value. Pawn shops take a lot of jewelry.

With electronics, TVs and laptops are the most sought-after items. Even older laptops will get a good price.

Pawning a laptop is a great way to access cash quickly. Most of us have a couple of laptops around the house. Grabbing a used laptop and taking it to your local pawn shop is a great way to get a quick loan.

At the pawn store, the pawnbroker will inspect the old computer carefully. The very first thing they will do is plug it in and turn it on. They will then take a detailed look at the machine, to check for any visible damage.

Needless to say, if the laptop has any keys missing, or a crack in the screen, there will be a direct impact on the laptop worth amount.

Then they will appraise the value of your laptop. Finally, they will offer a loan amount that will be a percentage of the decided value of the laptop.

Your laptop is then given to the pawnbroker as collateral for the loan. Collateral is an item of value (your laptop) pledged as security against a loan. The store owner may also ask for some personal information and other items such as your drivers license.

With the loan now approved, the extra cash will be given with repayment terms attached. The loan repayment terms are very important. If you don’t keep up with the dates then you risk losing your laptop.

Remember that there will almost certainly be an interest charge on the loan too. Check the terms of the loan and keep up those payments. Different pawn shops have different terms, but every single one will sell your laptop to someone else if you miss the payments.

When it comes to the time factor, the laptop will be pawned on a short-term loan. This could be as short as a month.

How much is my laptop worth at a pawn shop: getting a good deal

Like I said earlier, the newer the better.

However, you can make sure you get a great deal by doing just a few things about the condition of your laptop before you head down to the pawn stores. For example, you can make sure it looks clean and tidy before you try to pawn it.

Your laptop may have all kinds of dirt and gunk on it. Think about the breadcrumbs and the coffee near-misses. Any old laptop will need to be cleaned up.

There are a number of laptop cleaning fluids and special cloths available on the market. These are great, but you can achieve a similar result with a couple of damp cloths from the kitchen. Most of the dirt will be taken care of this way.

You will have to remove any personal data that is on the laptop. Then you will have to clear the laptop of any data that wasn’t there when you first bought it. Transfer all the data to a hard drive and then wipe the laptop.

You will get a reasonable price for your old laptop if you have the original box. And if you have all the original accessories, that’s even better. If not, package your laptop with a couple of accessories that will make it more attractive.

So how much is my laptop worth?

Remember that all pawn shops will have different views on how much your laptop is worth.

That being said, here is a quick rundown of the most popular brands and their expected values when it comes to a pawn loan.

BrandMin. Pawn ValueMax. Pawn ValueAvg. Pawn Value
MacBook (Regular or Unspecified)$60$1200$312.35
MacBook Air$10$500$217.45
MacBook Pro$15$1100$288.13
How much is my laptop worth at a pawn shop?

A Macbook Pro is naturally going to give you more value with the pawn loan than a standard Compaq computer or a HP laptop. In fact, Apple computers in general are always seen as valuable.

With the table above, you should now have a clear idea of how much money you will get for your machine. As you can see, a popular brand name makes a difference.

Different brands go for different prices, but there are some other aspects, such as the model of your laptop, that can swing it. Some models have a larger screen size than others by the same brand. This can make a big difference to the value of an item.

An easy way to check the current market value of your laptop is to pop on to eBay or Amazon and find what a second-hand machine in good condition is actually worth. You can’t do anything about the loan value a pawn shop owner gives you. It’s up to them. But if you know the value of your machine, you can at least shop around.

How much is my laptop worth at a pawn shop: FAQs

How do I clean my laptop?

If you’re looking to make some fast cash with your laptop, you will have to get it properly cleaned up first.

Earlier in this post I mentioned using damp cloths. That’s great, and it will actually help with a lot of the dirt on the machine. However, you may need to go next level if you have a truly dirty laptop.

You can buy cleaning fluids to use with the cloths. It’s important to remember that it is never a good idea to use any cloths that are any more than just damp. In other words, don’t soak the cloths if you want to get the best results (and avoid damaging the machine).

It’s also a good idea to buy a special keyboard cleaner. Cleaning the keyboard this way will prevent sticky keys. And don’t forget to look closely at the screen to make sure there aren’t any fingerprints or smudges. These will have to be removed if you are going to present the best possible machine to the pawnbroker.

With dust in the ports or vents, you can usually get a good result with using a handheld vacuum cleaner.

What about the laptop details?

Before you head down to the pawn shops you need to make sure you are fully aware of the details of your computer. Have the following information to hand before you walk through the door:

  • The hard drive size
  • The amount of RAM (Random Access Memory) the laptop has
  • The processor type
  • The screen size
  • The model number or the series number (i.e. HP 15)

Why do you need to know these details? Well, you will need to be aware of all of this stuff to be certain you’re getting the right amount of money for your machine.

What about the condition of the laptop?

This is a big factor in the price of your laptop and its loan value. If you have any cracks or any bubbles in the screen for example, it could drastically reduce the price you will get.

A huge crack in the case will most likely mean the laptop is doomed. But if it is just a small crack, you can usually fix things up with a bit of glue. If there is a small gap in the casing of your laptop, turn off the machine and clean the area around the crack. You can use a damp cloth and a handheld vacuum to clean it.

Using your fingers, squeeze the gap as tightly as you can and then apply some super glue in the gap. Hold the pieces of plastic together for about five-ten minutes. Then release your fingers and you should find that the casing is looking better.

It’s my first time using a pawn shop. What do I need to know?

Pawn shops aren’t actually anything like what you see in the movies. Head into any pawn store today and you won’t see any crying, desperate people selling the family jewelry.

Instead, pawn shops are actually seen as a valid way to get your hands on cash quickly. And don’t forget, as long as you pay back the money on time, you can get your laptop back. In that sense, you still actually own your property as you borrow money against it.

That being said, watch out for a red flag or two as you look at your options when it comes to a pawn shop loan.

For example, some pawn shops ask extortionate amounts for interest payments. Believe it or not, there have been some stores in the United States that have asked for an incredible 200% interest on loans. This is obviously quite rare, but you can still get stung. Bear in mind, also, that more valuable items tend to attract lower interest rates.

Expect a credit check to be part of the loan process. Make sure you have all your financial details and personal details to hand when you head out to the store.

It’s also quite important to have a good relationship with the store owner. The more positive you are when you walk in the store, and the time you’ve taken to present your laptop make a huge difference to the final cash loan value. You have a higher chance of getting higher loans if you’ve worked hard and taken the process seriously.

If you are looking to buy a brand new laptop or just want some cash quickly, it’s well worth investigating your local pawn stores. Handing in your used computer as collateral can be a great option. And don’t forget, as long as you pay on time, you will get your laptop back.

I hope you liked this post. Leave me a comment if it helped you make some quick cash.

333 Manifestation Method (how to do it, and my superfast results)

Today I’m going to show you EXACTLY how to use the 333 manifestation method to change your life.

This is the exact same process that helped me find a new high-value client for my freelance business in just two days.

So if you want to turbo-charge your goal achievement, you’ll love this guide.

Let’s dive right in.

So what is manifesting?

It’s a way of ‘being’, basically. Using positive emotions, thoughts and actions, you can affect the events and situations in your life.

People who have used manifestation long term have found that the practice actually helps you get what you want in life.

One way of manifesting is to create a vision board. A vision board is a collection of images and words, and it can be an actual board (like a cork board in your kitchen for example) or a digital one.

They are great things to have in your home, and many people put them somewhere they are easily seen, like on a bathroom mirror. Lots of positive imagery on the board will help towards the manifestation of any goals you may have.

My vision boards have included imagery of places I’d like to visit, career goals and a car I want to own.

Another common practice among those who want to manifest is using positive affirmations. Repeating positive words and phrases is a great way to embed a success mindset in your subconscious mind.

Athletes often repeat positive statements just before a competition, for example. It’s a powerful technique.

And then we have the 333 method.

What is the 333 manifestation method?

The Law of Attraction states that ‘like attracts like’. By focusing on the things you want and like, you can bring them into your life. Nikola Tesla was a famous inventor and physicist, and he believed that energy attracted energy.

He also said that our thoughts and feelings, used properly, could attract positive energy into our life. He was also a big believer in the power of the number 3.

Tesla believed that the number 3 was incredibly important. And the 333 manifestation method allows us to focus on that number for a short period of time.

The method asks that we write down an affirmation 33 times for 3 days. Hence the ‘333 manifestation method’.

So let’s get into it.

The 333 manifestation method process

To bring positive changes into your life with the 333 manifestation method you just have to follow this process:

  1. Choose exactly what it is you wnat to manifest in your life.
  2. Create an affirmation around that manifestation.
  3. Write it down 33 times.
  4. Repeat this for 3 days (including the first day).
  5. Believe that you are going to recieve what it is you have asked for.

Like I said, the method is a powerful tool. It can feel a little bit like hard work at first, but it really does work. Now, when I say that it really works, I mean that it brings real positivity into your life, and it will bring more opportunities your way.

However, it will only work if you follow these guidelines to the letter.

The first step

The first step is to choose exactly what it is you want to manifest. You might want:

  • A brand new car. Maybe you’ve been eyeing up a new sports car. Or you just need a new car to replace the one that is currently falling apart
  • A new job. Many people are unhappy with their work. That’s no way to live. You can manifest your dream job through the 333 manifestation method
  • A better relationship. This is again about your quality of life. If you’re stuck in a relationship that simply isn’t working, you should consider manifesting a change
  • Better health. There have been many studies that have shown the power of positive thinking in seriously ill people. You can use the 333 to help yourself get well again

Just choose what you want to bring into your life. It’s as simple as that. Make sure it is realistic. If you’re broke and you want a new Porsche, you may need to have a goal that is more ‘real’.

For example, with the Porsche, you might want to focus on finding a pay rise that will enable you to get that Porsche. That’s the kind of thing that can happen in 3 days.

The second step

The second step is to create an affirmation around the manifestation. The important thing about the affirmation is that you have to believe you will recieve what you are asking for.

Say you believe it with a positive feeling. You also have to make sure you write your affirmation in the present tense.

Why? Well, research has shown that imagining yourself in a situation and believing it will come true is a whole lot easier if you write an affirmation in the present tense. Here are some examples:

-I am attracting more money into my life. 

-I am attracting a new car into my life.

-I am attracting a new job into my life.

-I am attracting a new house into my life.

-I am attracting a better relationship into my life.

-I am attracting better health into my life.

See how they are all in the present? It also gives a bit of energy to it. Even just saying these affirmations gets you excited.

The vital step

Then you have to take the next, most vital step. Write down your affirmation 33 times. Writing something down creates energy. Think about it. Your pen moves across the page and creates energy, literally.

And when you write something down 33 times you create a lot of energy that is broadcast out, as a message, to the universe.

By writing it down once, you are telling the universe what it is you want. That energy goes out into the universe and brings you closer to manifesting. However, if you write it down 33 times, your vibrational energy is amplified massively.

And remember that number 3. An affirmation written down exactly 33 times is something truly special.

As you write it down 33 times, you have to really feel and believe that this thing is coming into your life.If you want that new car, imagine yourself driving it. Imagine how the seats feel, and the feeling of the car as it drives.

The more intense you make these images and feelings, the better the vibrational energy.

Consider a journal

Get yourself a nice journal, or some other kind of book that will make your affirmations feel special. Personally, I find a nice leather-bound journal to be ideal. It helps to make your affirmations feel unqiue and important.

Taking the time to find a pen and then write affirmations into a beautiful book makes all the difference.

The next step in the 333 manifestation method is simple. Write the affirmation 33 times, 3 days in a row. Doing this will help you because the more you write down that affirmation, the more it will stick in your brain.

You’ll also come to believe it will come true.

Finally, It is important to believe that what you have asked for will be granted. Achieving success requires you to believe it, which is the most important step. You must truly believe that what you are asking for will come true.

This is the only way to get the universe to bring you positive things and to work for you. It is important to be as specific as possible with your affirmation. You should add as many details as possible.

So what is The Law of Attraction?

The 333 manifestation method is all tied up in The Law of Attraction. This is a universal law and the best way to describe it is as follows:

Whatever you focus your energy on will come back to you. If you focus on what you want, the universe will pick up on the vibrations that come from this thinking and then bring the thing you want back to you.

To be brutally honest, it isn’t a matter of just ‘thinking positive’. Having happy and positive thoughts all day long is not the way forward. You can’t do it anyway. Just try thinking positively all day long and see how far you get.

The Law of Attraction and the 333 manifestation method only work if you put some work in alongside. Using the 333 and the Law in general, along with smart goal-setting and some real focus, means that you will get what you want.

The reason why the 333 manifestation method is one of the more powerful manifestation techniques is that it brings good feelings and a positive, focused mindset.

Using that mindset to get what you want is a matter of creating goals, believing in them (like I said with the 333 method) and then working hard with the opportunities that present themselves.

The manifestation process ensures that good things will come your way. The most important thing is that you focus your mind with a manifestation affirmation, bringing more positive energy into your life.

Then, with an open mind, you will gain vibrational alignment with the universe. You will develop a positive mindset and then spot opportunities. As these opportunities come up, your manifestation journey will push you to act upon them.

How to get the best results from manifestation

With any manifestation method, you have to ask the universe for what you want.

We have to be a vibrational match for whatever it is we want. And we can only do this through asking effectively. There are many ways you can ask the universe for something, many ways to develop and use a vibrational frequency.


You can manifest the life of your dreams through prayer. In fact, prayer is a powerful way to connect with a higher power and with the universe. It doesn’t need to be religious, you can focus on a spiritual power instead.

Simple prayer can help keep the positive message in your thoughts. Your dream life will remain part of your mindset if you pray on a regular basis. Rememer that prayer is a form of belief. And the most important thing about manifestation is belief.

Vision boards

One way to really step up that energetic vibration is through vision boards. First, you need to think about the one or two areas of your life that you are determined to make changes in. These could be something as simple as wanting a new job or a new car. Or it could be making a big change to your health situation.

Think about the words that are connected to the changes you want to make. Not too many, just a few words that really leap out at you when you think about those changes.

For example, it may simply be the word ‘Mercedes’ becase you are looking to buy yourself a new car.

Then, collect images from magazines and/or websites and social media (Instagram is particularly good for those holidays you want to take) and put it all on a board. The video below explains this further.

Gratitude Journal

A gratitude journal is one of the best manifestation techniques you can use. Pair this up with your 333 manifestation method work (in a manifestation journal perhaps) and you’ll be unstoppable.

So what is a gratitude journal? Well, it’s basically a way of thinking of the good things in your life, and using the power of writing to help your mind focus on positive thoughts.

The gratitude journal allows you to identify and focus on the things that make you feel grateful. Everything you write in it is a positive affirmation.

That number 3 thing

The best way to unlock the manifestation power in a gratitude journal is to write about 3 things (that number again) you are grateful for, and write about them daily.

You can either dig deep into the exercise, and create long entries that take up pages, or you can just write short ‘pposts’ about what you are grateful for.

There is a lot of research behind gratitude journals. One of the most common ideas behind them is that you will truly start to see results after a month of journal writing. So it’s worth sticking with.

Quick tips for your gratitude journal

When you’re writing in a gratitude journal, use the following pointers:

  • Specifics are what make your gratitude journal unique and full of surprises. Describe a happy event in detail if you can
  • Make sure to avoid repetition – Be sure to apply the work to different areas of your life, e.g. work, relationships, or health. This can keep gratitude journaling “fresh” and make it more effective.
  • Keep your posts fresh by mentioning specific people and places – Just like avoiding repetition, citing specific people and places will help keep them fresh. In addition, you’ll learn more about what and who makes you happy.
  • You’ll have bad days – everyone has them. On tough days, gratitude journaling can be really helpful – try to ignore negative thoughts and pay close attention to the positive 
  • Have some fun as well. Try adding some extra adjectives, and exploring details you don’t normally talk about. Having a private journal is a great way to write.
  • Write in a gratitude journal every night before bed – It’s generally a good idea. Putting a reminder on your phone or pairing it with another habit will make it easier to stick with.
  • Reflecting on surprises is a great way to avoid repetition and to really appreciate your best days.

Writing is so important, so grab a nice gel pen or a fountain pen (yes, really) and buy a lovely journal to help you feel grateful about everyday life.

The 333 manifestation method and your future

I tried this method a few days ago, and I wanted to share with you my results.

My strong affirmation was as follows:

‘I am attracting more income into my life’.

I’m doing pretty well, but as a freelance writer I always need to keep the pipeline flowing. So the first day, I wrote that powerful affirmation 33 times. I also did it the second day.

And on the third day, before I even got to writing the last 33, I received an email from a potential client who wanted to talk through the details of a new project. This was after a two-week period where my sales pipeline was dry.

Negative emotions suck, plain and simple. Taking charge of your own life and looking at a specific goal through the 333 method is an easy way to make things happen.

Write out those affirmations on three consecutive days. And even if you don’t buy a lovely, leather-bound journal and just use a piece of paper or a writing exercise book, I genuinely feel this is a method that works.

This particular manifesting method actually worked for me. Use it alongside vision boards and prayer, and watch the power of your thoughts change your life.

Did I miss anything out?

I’d love to hear from you guys.

What do you think about the 333 manifestation method? Have you tried it? Has it worked?

Do you have a gratitude journal?

Leave a comment below and let me know how your journey is panning out.