LinkedIn Marketing: Everything You Need To Know

If LinkedIn marketing is something you haven’t really ‘got into’ yet when it comes to your business, don’t worry.  It’s never too late to start. But I’ve got an immediate piece of information that will help you become successful on LinkedIn today. Here it is. There are over 500 million professional people on LinkedIn. However,Continue reading “LinkedIn Marketing: Everything You Need To Know”

What Is The Best Way To Use LinkedIn For Business? Using Search For Prospecting

If you’re literally just starting out with using LinkedIn, then please go straight to my beginner guide, which is right here. It is a great place to start, and gives you all you need to get going with the platform. To get going to the next level and focus on what is the best wayContinue reading “What Is The Best Way To Use LinkedIn For Business? Using Search For Prospecting”

LinkedIn Develops new Product Pages

LinkedIn continues to develop into something different to what it started out as. It’s a strange phenomenon, because when LinkedIn first arrived, it had simply marketed itself as a business social networking platform, or perhaps more appropriately, a professional networking solution. It was slightly elevated when compared to other platforms like Twitter and Facebook. TheyContinue reading “LinkedIn Develops new Product Pages”

LinkedIn creates guide for social media marketing

This post originally appeared on LinkedIn is a huge professional network, and it continues to grow and exceed expectations. The social media platform has also been pushing recently to make sure it is more accessible to its users. This has involved making it’s feeds less stuffy and more like those of Facebook and otherContinue reading “LinkedIn creates guide for social media marketing”

How to avoid spamming people on LinkedIn

We all know how great LinkedIn is for networking and for finding new leads for your freelancing business or a business you own. However, it is important that we are also aware of some key areas that we should never venture into if we want to make sure we are seen as being professional andContinue reading “How to avoid spamming people on LinkedIn”