3 Online Businesses You Can Start Today

Have no idea what to do to boost your income? With these business ideas, you can get started in 24 hours or less. Take a look at these three online businesses you can start today. 

Virtual assistant (VA)

Virtual assistants have an open-ended role, and their duties vary greatly depending on their clients.

A typical assignment might include responding to emails, updating social media, and editing spreadsheets. Become a virtual assistant if you’re organized and enjoy taking on small tasks for others.

When you’ve decided on your skillset, there are a few ways to get started online.

An agency that hires virtual assistants already has clients waiting to be paired up with a virtual assistant once you’re hired. In addition to word-of-mouth and former employers, many VAs find jobs this way. You can advertise your services free and easily on social media, too, by posting and updating your professional profiles, particularly LinkedIn. 

Social media manager

Most companies find it advantageous to have someone handle their social media accounts who is familiar with all the platforms that are so essential to their success. Having an account on at least a couple of popular social media platforms is one thing, but using it for business is another.

For you to be able to prove you can help a business with their accounts, you will certainly need to have built an online presence of your own.

Building thriving communities for your clients will ultimately generate additional revenue for them through social media management. Creating and scheduling engaging content, running advertising campaigns, and responding to inquiries are all examples of what it involves. The budget you have for social media growth will also be your responsibility, so you should know how to spend it effectively.

There are online agencies where you can find social media management jobs, similar to virtual assistants. If you have some experience behind you, however, you may want to pitch clients directly. At first, it may seem intimidating, but it is an invaluable skill that will give you more control over your rates and schedule.

Simply considering the social media content and engagement of a client can provide you with a good indication of whether you can assist them. Afterwards, you can plan how to improve it quickly. 

Online tutor

Online tutoring can be a reliable source of income if you have in-depth knowledge of a particular subject. Before the internet, tutoring was all done face-to-face and required finding students locally. Now, tutoring is available worldwide. 

Video calls and online tutoring programs make it possible to tutor anyone, anywhere, whenever you want, with just an Internet connection and a laptop.

Languages are a great place to start, as you don’t have to have qualifications. Many schools encourage teachers only to teach in the native language of the student, so they don’t need to speak their native tongue.

Language instruction is not the only purpose of tutoring. Math and science are the most common subjects that children need help with, so tutoring services are most popular among school-aged children. In the weeks leading up to exams, tutors can be incredibly busy, and you can adjust your rates to meet the demand around those times.

Since tutoring positions are usually short-term, you should always be on the lookout for new opportunities. Online tutoring platforms such as Tutor.com and Chegg.com connect students with tutors. You can begin your job search by applying online and creating a profile. 

Students of all ages can benefit from Chegg Tutors’ online tutoring services. Profiles of tutors are available for students to choose from. Mobile-friendly virtual classrooms facilitate the learning process. 

You’ll need teaching experience and a degree from a four-year university to become a tutor on Chegg.

Your tutoring requests will appear once you’re accepted. For interacting with students, there are a number of practical tools you can use. As a teacher, you can also use a whiteboard, a video chat tool, and a text window. 

Using a whiteboard, for example, can be useful for presenting the issue (drawing it on the board). Ask students for their opinions about a solution. Video advice can help them solve the problem.

Hope this quick guide to online businesses you can start quickly helped. If you want more information on opporunities, why not take a look at my ice vending machine business guide?

How To Create A Budget

Part of reaching your income goals is saving money. In fact, ask any multi-millionaire how they got to where they are and you’ll find that they have been prudent with money for most of their life.

Making a budget is part of that journey.

Net income is the first step.

A budget is based on your net income. The amount you keep after taxes and deductions for things like pension plans and health insurance are your take-home pay. Your total salary could lead to overspending if you focus on that instead of your net income. Keep detailed notes of your contracts and pay if you’re a freelancer, gig worker, contractor, or self-employed to help keep track of irregular income.

The second step is to track your spending

The next step in making a budget is to determine where the money is going once you’ve worked out how much is coming in. You can find out where your money is going by tracking and categorizing your expenses.

Start with your fixed expenses. Typical bills include rent, mortgage, utilities, and car payments. After that, list your variable expenses – things that fluctuate from month to month, like groceries, gas, and entertainment. You might be able to save here. If you have a credit card or bank statement, you can check it for itemized expenditures.

Whatever works for you — a pen and paper, an app, your phone, or a budgeting spreadsheet or template –keep track of your spending.

Make sure your goals are realistic

Prepare a list of your short- and long-term financial goals before you start tracking info. Your short-term goals might be setting up an emergency fund or paying down credit card debt. Long-term goals, like saving for retirement or your kid’s education, take decades.

Setting goals when making a budget doesn’t have to be complicated, but identifying them can help motivate you. A vacation may motivate you to cut spending, for example.

Plan your strategy

What you spend versus what you want to spend is where everything comes together when you’re making a budget. Using the variable and fixed expenses you compiled, estimate your future spending. Assess your priorities and net income based on those results. Set realistic and specific budgets for each expense category.

If you wish, you can even further break down your expenses into necessities and wants. If you drive to work every day, gasoline is a necessity. Streaming subscriptions, however, might be considered wants. In order to redirect money to your goals, you need to know this difference.

Budget your spending

You are now able to make any necessary adjustments as a result of documenting your income and your spending so that you don’t overspend money and will be able to put it towards achieving your goals. 

Cut your “wants” first. How about a home movie instead of a movie night? After you’ve adjusted your wants, look at your monthly payments. Sometimes a “need” is just a “hard to let go of.”

Try adjusting your fixed expenses if the numbers still don’t add up. What if you shopped around for a better auto or homeowner’s insurance rate? You’ve got to weigh your options carefully when making such a decision.

Saving even a little bit adds up. Making one small adjustment at a time can add up to a lot of extra money.

Regularly review your budget

You should review your budget and spending regularly to make sure you’re staying on track. Getting a raise, adjusting your expenses, or reaching a goal will change your budget. You should check in with your budget regularly for whatever reason you have.

I hope this post gave you some ideas on how to start saving your money. If you want to dive deeper, try Perpetually Broke, by Tom Cromwell.