How To Double Your Income As A Freelance Writer

Notice I didn’t write ‘in two days’ right there. This is no quick and easy method to double your writing income. However, if you work hard at the following approaches, you will see an improvement fairly soon. And you will eventually double the money you make. This is about the established freelance writer. If you’reContinue reading “How To Double Your Income As A Freelance Writer”

When a freelancer should turn down a job or client

We have all done it, we’ve taken on work that we didn’t want to finish. There are a number of reasons why a job turns sour. And right at the end of that horrible period of time, when we feel that we’ve wasted our time and efforts and we resent what we do, it’s importantContinue reading “When a freelancer should turn down a job or client”

How to use LinkedIn Groups to find more leads

“Join LinkedIn groups. You are 70 percent more likely to get an appointment with someone on an unexpected sales call if you cite a common LinkedIn group than if you don’t.” Amanda Johns Vaden LinkedIn is great for freelancers or small businesses because it allows you to find and communicate with people in business allContinue reading “How to use LinkedIn Groups to find more leads”

How Can I Promote my Business For Free?

Note: The following post originally appeared on the Marketing for Entrepreneurs website. Thank you to Iain Hamilton for this very useful content. Struggling business owners will spend time to save money, whereas successful business owners will spend money to save time. Why is that an important distinction? Because you can always get more money, butContinue reading “How Can I Promote my Business For Free?”

How Do I Become A Freelance Web Developer? (Part Two)

In part one of this post we looked at a few things that were necessary to get in place before you start pitching clients as a freelance Web developer. In this post, we’re going to finish up, looking at ways to get those first clients and jobs, and also how to make sure you bringContinue reading “How Do I Become A Freelance Web Developer? (Part Two)”

How Do I Become A Freelance Web Developer? (Part One)

It’s kind of a big deal, becoming a freelance Web developer. You get lots of great stuff as part of your new direction (including the ability to work on projects you actually find interesting), but also some tough stuff along the way. Ten years ago, for example, there were far fewer Web developers, it wasContinue reading “How Do I Become A Freelance Web Developer? (Part One)”

How To Ask Clients For Testimonials

Believe it or not, clients will happily give testimonials if you have delivered great work. They have spent money on trying to find a great solution to a problem they have. They found you. And you over delivered. So asking them for a testimonial makes sense. And the more glowing testimonials you have, the moreContinue reading “How To Ask Clients For Testimonials”

How Can I Get More Clients On LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a great space for freelancers. This is because the platform contains millions of professionals, many of whom have their own business or a senior position in one. This means they are a key market that needs what you are offering. Tapping into that market for free is definitely possible. But you have toContinue reading “How Can I Get More Clients On LinkedIn?”

How do you increase sales?

When you’re freelancing, you need a steady flow of sales so that you don’t run out of money. That’s basically it. It’s as crude as that. No tricks, no fancy charts.You either keep selling your service or you die. This puts most freelancers in a tricky position. They probably haven’t had any sales training. TheyContinue reading “How do you increase sales?”

How to get your first few freelance clients online

Freelancers do not have it easy. And when they are just starting out, it’s scary stuff. But if you focus on just a few activities and approaches, you should find that it isn’t too long before you get your first one or two clients. I’ve put together a very quick list of ways to findContinue reading “How to get your first few freelance clients online”