How to develop a morning routine for freelancers

As a freelancer, we face many challenges. Alongside managing finances and getting clients, one of the biggest issues is maintaining positive mental health.

One powerful way to bring real changes and safeguards for a mental health as freelancers is to ensure that we have a good start to the working day. Routines are important, and making sure that our morning start in a positive and proactive way help to ensure that each day goes well and the mental health is protected.

No tech for freelancers

Most freelancers spend the day surrounded by tech. Whether this is the screen of their monitor or the phone, it is everywhere. One of the very best things you can do as a freelancer, is to avoid your phone and have as little tech as long as possible in the morning.

There are many benefits to this. Primarily though, it will keep your mind stress-free. However, the amount of stress-free time you have is directly proportionate to the amount of time you spend with tech. one hour without Tech first thing in the morning is good stuff.

Get creative

Practice some discipline with your creativity and you will get the best results. With a video game, for example, putting aside a dedicated half an hour right in the middle of the morning will ensure you get the benefits of creative play alongside the discipline required for a successful freelance career.

The basic idea here is that you are creative, and this means allowing your brain to be a little creative as well. So playing a game of chess is a good idea, or doing some sketching is a good idea.


Breathing exercises do not take a long time, and I have found that they produce instantaneous affects. There are a ton of breathing apps out there, but the one I recommend is one called Breathwrk. I’m not affiliated or anything, this is a genuine recommendation. It’s free, and it offers a number of different options for breathing work. For example, you can use it to practice breathing for alertness, and breathing for relaxation. Well worth investigating.

Turn your phone off

One of the most important things you can do to have a better start to the morning is to turn your phone notifications off. Yes, we know it is true that many freelancers are using phones to keep in touch with clients. But it is important to remember that if anything is really truly important as regards your client they will contact you through a telephone call. And if it is actually important, they will leave you a message.

Go big or go home on tasks

Look at your list of tasks for the day. If you focus on getting the biggest and toughest task done first, the one that will take the most time or the most effort, you will feel a real sense of achievement afterwards. Stick at it to completion if it is possible (some tasks are so huge they take days to complete), and focus on 100% application.

By getting this big task out of the way first thing, you are telling yourself subconsciously that you can do anything. The rest of the day is a walk in the park.

Six things

This one works particularly well for me. Someone famous once said that if you focus on just six truly important things in one day, that’s more than enough to be dealing with. And it’s absolutely true.

The key is making sure you know what is important. If you can find six vitally important things that need to be done, that’s your list. And having just six of them means that your mind doesn’t become frazzled and overwhelmed.