How Can You Warm Up A Cold Call?

Cold calling is something that, if done right, can transform the revenue of your business. A lot of this has to do with the fact that you are able to make contact with many people in a short space of time. In addition, you get to talk to these businesses and establish a human connection.Continue reading “How Can You Warm Up A Cold Call?”

The One Question That Will Boost Your Sales

The biggest issue with SMEs right now is their Web presence. Remember about five years ago, when people were going crazy with blogging and websites, talking about how they were the ‘shop front’ or public face of the company, and that they had to be full of great stuff that helped consumers and ‘built’ yourContinue reading “The One Question That Will Boost Your Sales”

Content Marketing And The Golden Ratio

The original Golden Ratio has nothing to do with content marketing of course. In fact, it’s a very complex and mind-boggling mathematical concept (it features pretty heavily in the arts too). But the idea of a golden or ideal ratio in your content marketing does make sense. At the extreme and negative end of theContinue reading “Content Marketing And The Golden Ratio”

The Secret To Getting Things Done (It’s Not What You Think)

There have been countless books, courses and other resources created over the last zillion years about motivation. Many of them are good and useful. But one of the key aspects of the motivation industry is the complexity. If you want to ‘get things done’ you have to buy a system, integrate it into your lifeContinue reading “The Secret To Getting Things Done (It’s Not What You Think)”

How To Set Up A Home Office For A Home Business

So you’ve taken the plunge and you have a perfectly viable idea for a home business. You’ve tested that idea so many times you know it works and how it works, inside and out. You’ve even sold some of your products. It all looks good and you’re raring to go. There’s only one problem. YouContinue reading “How To Set Up A Home Office For A Home Business”

Some Actual Real-Life Advice On Using Twitter For Your Business

Ahh, Twitter. I have to confess I’m a bit of a Twitter addict. In fact, last week I had to finally remove the app from my iPhone because I was using it just a little too much and it was affecting my productivity. And that’s just scary. But if you use Twitter for your businessContinue reading “Some Actual Real-Life Advice On Using Twitter For Your Business”

The 3 Tools I Can’t Run My Business Without

I’ve always been the type of person who likes the odd shortcut or two. There’s nothing better than finding a way to get things done quicker or more efficiently. A way to beat the system. And it’s even more fun when you find a way to just make your life a little smoother and aContinue reading “The 3 Tools I Can’t Run My Business Without”

How Do You Know If Your Business Is Failing?

I’m probably not alone in saying that I’ve been in some pretty boring companies and organisations in the past. Companies do get old, and when they get old it is quite easy to see why. All you hear is complaining, and you don’t understand why some people actually work in the building. For example, IContinue reading “How Do You Know If Your Business Is Failing?”

How To Use Your Desk To Boost Productivity

If you’re the kind of person who keeps their desk as tidy and organised as possible, chances are you’re doing well. Tidy desk, tidy mind. If your desk looks like it’s being used by three different people however, with the accompanying clutter that comes with that, you’re in trouble. A messy, cluttered desk does muchContinue reading “How To Use Your Desk To Boost Productivity”

How To Be As Productive As Warren Buffett

Thank you to for the image. If there is anyone who knows how to manage his time, it’s Warren Buffett. Because he knows how to make billions of dollars over and over again, people keep asking him to lead companies, investment groups, and at one point even America. He once disclosed his productivity secretContinue reading “How To Be As Productive As Warren Buffett”