How to do Influencer Marketing Right, by Axe

A version of this post first appeared on While we have all heard about the mystical salesman who could ‘sell snow to eskimos’, we probably feel that most marketing and sales is easy. Just jump on those social media platforms, be different, and watch the engagement. For many brands this is not far fromContinue reading “How to do Influencer Marketing Right, by Axe”

TikTok and why it dominates social

Even if you don’t know what it is or how it works, you will have heard of TikTok, the social media channel that has very much taken over the world (well, the world of under 25 year olds anyway). It is immensely popular, and has also become famous due to the celebrity figures that regularlyContinue reading “TikTok and why it dominates social”

How Can I Get More Clients On LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a great space for freelancers. This is because the platform contains millions of professionals, many of whom have their own business or a senior position in one. This means they are a key market that needs what you are offering. Tapping into that market for free is definitely possible. But you have toContinue reading “How Can I Get More Clients On LinkedIn?”

Customer service on social media

Customer service is actually very easy to do badly. Try ignoring your customers for a week and see how that one plays out. However, we have seen some excellent examples of high-quality customer service in recent times. These examples generally make life easier for customers. Morton’s This brand does a great steak, and they’re wellContinue reading “Customer service on social media”