How to view your LinkedIn profile as someone else (simple steps)

Are you interested in knowing how to view your LinkedIn profile from someone else’s perspective?

You can use LinkedIn to connect with LinkedIn members who share your interests. You can also use it to find potential business partners. The more effective your LinkedIn profile is, the more chances you have of receiving more business opportunities. 

In this guide you will learn:

  • The importance of an optimized LinkedIn profile
  • The value in seeing your profile as someone else
  • Actionable steps that will help you optimize your profile quickly

What is an optimized LinkedIn profile?

LinkedIn is an American business giant. It has transformed the professional world. It’s a useful tool for anyone who wants to network and find opportunities.

An optimized LinkedIn profile shows your audience what you do, who you are, and what you are an authority on. It does this via complete and accurate information.

It enhances your profile’s ranking on LinkedIn searches (as well as other search engines) and builds trust among those who might want to connect. Whether you are using LinkedIn to reach career goals or develop business, your profile needs to be at it’s best. And the best part is, it’s easy to do.

Having an optimized profile allows you to:

  • Become an influencer and build your personal brand
  • Establish and maintain relationships with prospects (social selling) 
  • Increase customer trust by establishing relationships

When you have filled in all the relevant information on your LinkedIn profile, you’ll want to observe how your profile appears from the outside.

Pro tip:

Recent updates have also allowed users to display banners as part of their LinkedIn account. These updates are similar to those found on any other social network, like on a Facebook profile or on Twitter. It is also something you should consider when creating your profile since it can represent you professionally.

In order to view your LinkedIn profile as someone else, simply follow these steps

Select ‘My profile’ from the LinkedIn home screen. Do this by clicking on your profile photo in the top right corner to access your LinkedIn settings: 

When you want to see your LinkedIn profile as someone else, this is the first simple little step you need to take

  • Under your profile photo, you can choose to ‘Edit public profile & URL’. Just click it
  • This is how to view your LinkedIn profile as someone else. When you ‘edit profile’ in this way, there are also options to modify your public URL, and other options. It is then possible to use this information to share with others. These are the people that you would like to direct to your profile in the future.


Controlling what’s displayed on your public LinkedIn profile

If you know how to view your LinkedIn profile as someone else, you will be able to identify any mistakes that you made within your profile content or any experience gaps you might have. This is the primary purpose of viewing your profile in this way.

It’s important not to forget to include any work you’re particularly proud of in the Featured section, and to fill in the Interests box to give your profile some personality and depth. I would recommend that you look through some other people’s profiles so that you get an idea of how to showcase your own.

Description of skills and endorsements

There is also a section of skills and endorsements that you will be able to access on the website. There is an area where you can list your skills and invite your colleagues and professional network to offer you a ‘Skill Endorsement’. This is basically an endorsement of any skills you have demonstrated. It’s a good idea, and a great way to keep yourself open to new opportunities.

Identify any mistakes that you made within your LinkedIn profile content or any experience gaps you might have. Click To Tweet

I recommend that you take a look at other people’s profiles as well (simply by clicking on ‘view profile’), especially those in a similar position to yours. Assuming that they are also having similar experiences as you are, they probably have gained other skills that you may have forgotten about. 

Use links wisely

To date, email addresses are not displayed on profiles. However, there are many people who include links to their portfolio or their business websites in the content of their profiles. This is an excellent way to encourage potential customers to contact them.

Once you have added someone to your connections, you can instantly message them. They can message you back too. I think this is a great way to connect, to share related articles or just to interact with others about networking.

Bonus: some quick tips for making a full profile (and a perfect one)

Now you know how to view your LinkedIn profile as someone else, boost your profile with these simple tips.

  • You must have a high quality background photo at the top of your profile page. With this and the profile picture, you capture attention, set the scene and convey a little bit more about what matters to you. Choosing the right background image is paramount to making your page stand out, engage attention and remain memorable
  • Profiles are incomplete without a summary. I find it amazing how many people still leave this field blank. You should not just list your skills or job titles in your summary. Instead, tell your own story in it. Tell the story of why those skills matter – and how they can matter to the people you work with. Don’t be afraid to put some time into your analysis. Draft a few drafts, and run your summary by your friends and family. You have the opportunity to create your most personalized piece of content marketing
  • Boost your network. You can grow your LinkedIn network quickly and easily by synchronizing your profile with your email address book. LinkedIn can then suggest other people to connect with. There is no way of sending out connection requests to a person’s profile without your permission, so you can vet all of the potential connections. You can also follow up in a timely manner with LinkedIn connections after meetings and conversations -it’s a fantastic, direct way of keeping your network active
  • Spotlight your services. With LinkedIn Services, consultants, freelancers, and employees of smaller companies can display their range of services. If you fill out your profile’s Services section, you’ll stand out in search results
  • Watch those endorsements. Once endorsements begin to roll in, you may notice that they take over the focus on your LinkedIn profile in ways that are not reflective of who you are. For instance, it is possible that your primary area of expertise is SEO, but your fan base among those you’ve worked with on events is more enthusiastic. By paying careful attention and editing your endorsements list in the Skills section of your profile, you can manage which endorsements are displayed
  • LinkedIn Learning is invaluable. LinkedIn Learning gives you the opportunity to add a course certificate to your LinkedIn profile once you complete a course. Your LinkedIn Learning account has a section for Learning History where you can also notify your network about your learning
  • Showcase your media. Your own marketing collateral can add a new dimension to your own profile. Case studies, white papers, and other brand content help you show what your company is all about, and give people an understanding of how you operate. It also conveys your passion and dedication
  • Share content from your feed. If you want to be in your connections’ LinkedIn feeds, make sure you’re adding value. It’s not enough to simply have a network of connections on LinkedIn. You can achieve this by sharing relevant content with your network. By frequently checking your LinkedIn feed, you can share content (with a specific person if you wish) you find to be meaningful and aligned with your views
  • Add some comments, and do it often. The first step is to share. Like with many other social media sites, commenting on your shares is a good thing. It gives you a greater presence within the newsfeed and makes it easier to explain why you value certain content. A well-written comment also allows you to share a variety of content. Perhaps you disagree with a point of view, but you still find it interesting. It is easy to establish your opinion and thought-leadership through a comment that expresses that viewpoint. Additionally, it’s more likely to draw additional comments, which in turn raise your profile in LinkedIn. If you write a comment, ensure you say something you’re comfortable with others associating with you
  • Follow Influencers. When you follow relevant influencers on LinkedIn, you get a range of interesting content in your feed. You can share this when it is relevant to your network. It is also an excellent way to highlight your passion in your LinkedIn profile

The above mentioned solutions should work to give your profile a boost, and transform the effectiveness of your LinkedIn networking.

How to view your LinkedIn profile as someone else (with bonus tips) You must have a high quality background photo at the top of your profile page. With this and the profile picture, you capture attention, set the scene and convey a… Click To Tweet

LinkedIn is a powerful platform for many different reasons. But utilizing LinkedIn effectively begins with viewing your profile from the perspective of a different user, and ensuring that it is up to professional standards. The profile needs to be updated as regularly as any other social media account (such as a Facebook account).

Don’t forget that many LinkedIn users access the platform with the mobile app, so it’s all dynamic and fast-paced. It’s best to keep up.

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Content Creation Ideas For Your Social Media Marketing

Creating content for social is a fun thing to do, at least for the first few weeks. And then you start to wonder where you can find more content creation ideas from. Don’t worry, and take a look at our list below to find some great places to get more content ideas.

Forums for content creation ideas

There are many forums online, including places like Quora, which is huge and has millions of questions being asked every year. 

The best thing about forums like Quora is that you can ask questions and get answers. From a content creation point of view though, you can look at the questions that are being asked in your particular industry, and then use those to fire up ideas for content creation. 

Whether it’s a blog post or an infographic, if you need inspiration there is a lot you can get from a forum that posts questions literally every minute.

Your audience and their social

Another great place to find ideas for content is social media itself. Your audience is there and they are interacting with the world. They’re talking about news items, events and they’re using hashtags. 

Latch on to this and do some social listening. This way, you’ll immediately know what your audience is interested in because you know what they are talking about.

Ask questions

In the social media content you create, whether it is a Tweet or a post on Instagram, you can pose questions to your readers and see what their responses are.

You’ll be surprised how many content ideas you get for simple answers to questions. And they are literally the start of a conversation.

Hashtags for content creation ideas

And while we are on the subject, hashtags are a great way to pick up content ideas that you know are current and resonating with your audience.

Follow people in your industry and soon you will see hashtags crop up. Then, find a way to create content that is based around those hashtags. With enough hard work in this area, you will soon be able to build up a whole bank of content ideas that will fill your content calendar for months to come.

Hashtags will give you access to popular content online, questions that people are asking and also the latest topics that are getting people excited.

YouTube videos

This channel will always be popular, and you can use it to find content ideas quite quickly.

YouTube can inspire you in several ways. Find videos that are popular in your industry, whether they are how-to videos, trend videos, or news videos. By looking at those with views, comments, and other engagement, you will determine which topics you should focus on with your content.

Your own website for content creation ideas

Using what is already on your website is another quick way to get some content together.

Frequently asked questions sections can be found on many websites because they get repeated questions and want to provide answers for visitors and prospective customers. Taking a look at your FAQ section, you might be able to expand on the topics with another form of content, including a video, a blog post, an e-book, or a guide.

And then…

Look at your competitors’ FAQ sections. Consider what questions they are getting all the time, and reply to those questions with content.

Finally, while we are looking at your site, examine your most popular posts, even from years past. You can reuse content by creating videos, podcasts, or articles on the same topic.

Related searches

Google has been running Related Searches for years now, and they are still one of the best ways to find content ideas.

Google a content idea or question and then check out the Related Searches suggestions below. This will give you ideas for what you might cover in your content.

Use your expertise with forecasts

Your brand or client is an expert. Use that. In your industry, what are your predictions for the future? Think about it for at least twenty minutes. Create content by breaking the list down into different categories. In order to prepare for the future, individuals are always seeking information.

These are just some of the many ways in which you can find new content ideas for your campaigns. Try them out, and as always, test to see which works the best.

Social media marketing: predictions for 2021

The rest of the social media marketing year looks pretty exciting, to say the least. Post-Covid, we can look forward to social media marketing becoming innovative and fun. At the same time, we can see some trends maturing and proving to be the established ways of doing things. 

We thought we would take a look at some of the predictions we feel are important for social media marketing for the rest of this year.

First up, useful social media marketing

Quality is the one thing that can guarantee the longevity of your approach, as well as the effectiveness of it. However, Covid has provided the world of social media marketing with a little quirk that could have huge potential for brands.

During Covid, many brands had their content literally delivered from home, or at least home offices. There wasn’t always an opportunity to create content with the usual high budget production values, and this was not a problem. 

As long as you were able to create content that produced immediate value, you were onto a winner. And that is what many brands that did well in the first half of 2021 achieved. They kept the ‘usefulness’ of their content at the forefront. This way, they kept giving the audience what they wanted. And yes, production value is now coming in second place to usefulness. 

And ‘snackable’ media too

Content has gone through many changes over the past few years. Right at the very start of things, when blogging was taking off, people were developing huge posts that would take an hour to read. 

This is no longer the case. Attention spans are very short now, and people just won’t react in the same way to long pieces of content that take up too much of their time. Instead, they need ‘snackable’ content.

This kind of content is stuff they can digest quickly (hence the name). So brands that are focused on creating infographics rather than blog posts are producing snackable content. If they are tweeting high value stuff, it’s snackable. Put all of that against a  long-form blog post and you have the way forward. Keep it short and incredibly valuable and you have content that will gain attention on social media.

The era of live streams in social media marketing

Covid had another effect on social media marketing, as a number of brands found that it was a good idea to create a live stream that helped their audiences. This could have been a Q&A session (or the ubiquitous ‘ask me anything’) or a simple product demonstration.

Brands also found that company news could be launched effectively through a live stream. Basically, live streaming is now an established and powerful source of engagement, especially if you have the audience involved. 

This will not change. In fact, we can see it becoming a huge part of what successful brands do as 2021 comes to a close and beyond.

Social media marketing does online shopping

For obvious reasons, online shopping really took off during the pandemic, and this has had a knock-on effect for brands.

With social media, you will have noticed that the big platforms like Facebook and Instagram have made it incredibly easy to buy products on their apps. This is because these platforms noted that online shopping has real convenience at its core, and if it is done well, people will leap at the chance to buy. 

This doesn’t leave smaller brands out of the loop. Companies can simply use these platforms to sell their own products and reap the benefits. Our point is simple. Expect social media channels to basically become e commerce portals as well as social spaces. In the run up to Christmas, this will become very apparent.