How Can You Warm Up A Cold Call?

Cold calling is something that, if done right, can transform the revenue of your business. A lot of this has to do with the fact that you are able to make contact with many people in a short space of time. In addition, you get to talk to these businesses and establish a human connection.Continue reading “How Can You Warm Up A Cold Call?”

How To Master Cold Calling Today

I have recently upped my telemarketing efforts, and it has been a particularly pleasing experience. I’ve found out a few truths about telemarketing, along with some cold calling techniques, that have now given me a strong focus on how to improve results and also improve my overall approach to marketing in general. Last week IContinue reading “How To Master Cold Calling Today”

How To Build Sales Over The Next Six Months

If you want to increase the amount of sales you make, there are four sound methods that will help to massively boost your overall sales performance. The methods outlined below are not necessarily quick fixes, but they work on building confidence in your product, and building your client list over time. They also work forContinue reading “How To Build Sales Over The Next Six Months”

What Are Examples Of Buying Signals?

Remember buying signals? Need a refresher? You probably think you don’t, but as with most things in business, it pays to just take a little look at them once in a while. Perhaps you may have forgotten how buying signals work. Or maybe you’ve been ignoring them for the past few months. Buying signals haveContinue reading “What Are Examples Of Buying Signals?”

How do you increase sales?

When you’re freelancing, you need a steady flow of sales so that you don’t run out of money. That’s basically it. It’s as crude as that. No tricks, no fancy charts.You either keep selling your service or you die. This puts most freelancers in a tricky position. They probably haven’t had any sales training. TheyContinue reading “How do you increase sales?”

4 expert cold calling tips you need to know

At least part of your day should be spent looking for new business. If you aren’t on the phones for a daily block of time, you’ll find your cash flow drying up very quickly. Selling your services is absolutely vital. At the same time, I know it’s hard. If you are on your own, orContinue reading “4 expert cold calling tips you need to know”