Increasing Customer Retention Rate: VIP Customers

Every now and then I’m going to be taking a look at some quick and practical ways in which you can make progress towards retaining more of your customers. Today we are going to focus on the VIP method, where you find your most valuable customers and give them priority and preference, and generally treatContinue reading “Increasing Customer Retention Rate: VIP Customers”

How do you increase sales?

When you’re freelancing, you need a steady flow of sales so that you don’t run out of money. That’s basically it. It’s as crude as that. No tricks, no fancy charts.You either keep selling your service or you die. This puts most freelancers in a tricky position. They probably haven’t had any sales training. TheyContinue reading “How do you increase sales?”

Should you go freelance (3 big questions)?

If you have a particular skill or hobby that you enjoy, it can seem like going freelance is a good choice. Sometimes it may even feel like it’s the obvious choice. For people who are in a job that they hate, for example, it can seem like the only way to rid themselves of theContinue reading “Should you go freelance (3 big questions)?”

How to get your first few freelance clients online

Freelancers do not have it easy. And when they are just starting out, it’s scary stuff. But if you focus on just a few activities and approaches, you should find that it isn’t too long before you get your first one or two clients. I’ve put together a very quick list of ways to findContinue reading “How to get your first few freelance clients online”