With Marketing, Lose Your Ego

Probably around 99% of companies out there are making the same mistake with their website and their content marketing in general. This mistake is costing them a lot of business, and the worst thing is it’s almost impossible to spot. In other words, it’s a silent killer. Before you know it, it’ll be responsible for a dead website, and a failing brand.

So what is this silent killer?

It’s simple. It’s your ego.

Too many companies, with their branding, and in their content marketing, talk about themselves. This can range from simple calls to action that seem almost spookily familiar and regular, to full-on puff posts that are entirely about them and their company.

Calls to action are getting weird

Calls to action have gotten out of control. Take a look around the Web at the moment. Find any company that has decided to ‘use’ calls to action and monitor them for a few days. You will soon spot them everywhere. They’ll be at the bottom of every blog post, or at the end of every video they post.

There’s nothing wrong with calls to action, as long as they are done infrequently and completely in context. But people are taking it too far. They feel that calls to action have to be on every piece of content they create. And it makes you sound like the worst kind of car salesman.

This is desperation writ large.

But it’s not the worst kind of egocentric behaviour out there right now.

Look at me

The worst kind of egocentric behaviour presents itself when a company decides to write about itself. This isn’t the About Us page by the way, because that is a perfectly legitimate place to write about you and your company. Instead, we’re talking about blog posts that simply fixate upon the company and its activities.

Some organisations still think it’s a good idea to talk about their workplace. They even pull together a blog post about their achievements, or their work with the latest clients. This used to work. Now, all you should be doing, at the very most, is creating a case study that is completely objective.

Sadly, some companies feel that they should talk entirely about their own virtues and their effectiveness, at the expense of any useful information on how the client benefited.


That’s what you’ll see on your website if you continue to write about yourself. If you tweet about yourself and how you are running a company that is amazing, just watch those tumbleweeds roll by. If your Facebook page is full of images of the office and your people doing whacky things all day long, we’re talking tumbleweed city.

You need to get out of Dodge. Focus on creating content that does not mention you or your company at all. There is no need to do this anyway. It’s been done to death by large brands that have budgets that are ten times (if not thousands of times) bigger than yours. Differentiate yourself by being all about the customer, and you will then find your way.

The Web is changing. With content marketing, it is now all about the client and the customer. You are simply in the background. If you’re good at writing and creating stuff that helps the client or the customer, they will come to you for that help. But it may take a little while.

Until then, just be very patient.

And whatever you do, stop talking about yourself.

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