Content Marketing And The Golden Ratio

The original Golden Ratio has nothing to do with content marketing of course. In fact, it’s a very complex and mind-boggling mathematical concept (it features pretty heavily in the arts too). But the idea of a golden or ideal ratio in your content marketing does make sense.

At the extreme and negative end of the spectrum, content marketers just churn out pieces of content that are full of calls to action. This is wrong. In your content marketing, if readers and viewers are constantly being asked to find out more about (or to buy) your product or service they will give up before too long.

At the same time, and at the other end of the spectrum, there are some content marketers who are almost afraid to offer calls to action. This is when the content marketer thinks that their main aim is to just offer expertise and insight and then wait for the leads to flood in. This again is wrong.

There is a balance that can be struck. And that’s where the idea of a Golden Ratio comes in. Get the ratio right, the theory goes, and you should have a consistent stream of leads due to a perfect mix of insight and marketing.

How it works

Let us say that you create six pieces of content during the week. When I say content I mean written posts, as well as infographics, videos and so on. Content marketing can mean any of these things, and variety is important.

Of those six pieces, four of them should be curated. This means you have searched and found interesting content that is relevant to your audience and their needs. It means you are providing value to your audience.

Just one of the pieces of content you create should be entirely created by you. This is the expertise part, and if it is done well, it will complement the four pieces of content you have curated.

The final piece of content should be completely sales related. This could be a press release about your company, or a sales letter, or a presentation. It could be a video about your product perhaps.

Why does this work? You’re pushing out leadership, through curated content and the content you have created yourself, but at the same time you’re also injecting a bit of sales into the mix. It’s the right balance, and it’s the Golden Ratio.

So that’s four pieces of curated content, one piece you made yourself, and one sales piece. That works out at 4:1:1 as a ratio. As a Golden Ratio, that is.

Scale it up by all means, but keep that Golden Ratio in mind, and you’ll soon gain content marketing traction.

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One thought on “Content Marketing And The Golden Ratio”

  1. Good application of a timeless concept to optimizing marketing for best results. Whoever told you though that the golden ratio is “a very complex and mind-boggling mathematical concept” did you a disservice. It can be quite simple actually:

    Just divide a line into two segments, but pick your division at the one unique point at which the ratio of the line’s length to the larger segment’s length is the same as the ratio of the larger segment’s length to the smaller segments length.

    That dividing point is the golden ratio, and the ratio of line to larger and larger to smaller are both about 1.618.

    I have a software app called PhiMatrix that does this automatically, and it’s used by artists and designers in over 70 countries. See

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