How To Master Cold Calling Today

I have recently upped my telemarketing efforts, and it has been a particularly pleasing experience. I’ve found out a few truths about telemarketing, along with some cold calling techniques, that have now given me a strong focus on how to improve results and also improve my overall approach to marketing in general.

Last week I achieved two sales from probably five hours of telemarketing. I hesitate to call it telesales because I generally avoid the full sales approach. That is not to say that, as time goes on, I won’t see the value in employing people to literally sell heavily on the phones.

I spoke to someone this week and we both agreed the telephone as a sales and marketing instrument is far from dead. I am effectively using cold calling techniques when I pick up the phone to do what I do, but there are two clear benefits that make this cold calling attractive to me right now:

  • I can make contact with a large number of prospects, quickly
  • I can talk to them, which allows for real, personal communication

So I like cold calling, if we are going to call it that.

I’ve put together some tips and thoughts on cold calling techniques, stuff I’ve learned over the last few days. Already this is all becoming very apparent to me. Call it insight if you will. Whatever it is, all of the following is true.

Don’t go in hard with cold calling

This is the basis to good cold calling techniques. While you shouldn’t act like a wet blanket, your main aim should be to develop a conversation. Remember that cold calling is an automatic disruption of someone’s day. Be conversational and genuine. Don’t be a salesperson. They died out with the dinosaurs. Be a professional who wants to introduce a professional product or service.

Relax. What you do is amazing. It will find a buyer. So don’t sell it to death. Just talk about it and find your way to the sale naturally.

You will never be able to force a sale. So don’t try.

Use your voice as a cold calling weapon

Your voice is a precision tool. A weapon if you will. It should be part of your raft of successful cold calling techniques. Vary it’s tone and pitch. Slow it down and speed it up. Speak quietly now and then.

I met an accountant the other day who talked just like accountants are supposed to talk. Slow and monotonous. I know, obviously, that not all accountants talk in this way, but if they did they’d be the worst in the world at cold calling.

The prospect expects a loud, fake, formulaic, rushed torrent of insincerity. Change your voice regularly, make them pleasantly surprised.

Key point: 80% of the response a prospect gives is down to the voice you present with, not the words you use, which account for just 20%.

We will look at some other aspects of cold calling techniques soon. The practise is not dying, and people still like to talk.

So get on that phone and talk, professionally, about your amazing product or service. Someone out there is interested in what you do.

Go find them.

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