The Medium-Sized Business And Content Marketing

The medium sized business probably has the hardest time creating a content marketing strategy. It’s kind of easy if you’re small, because you have less to worry about. And if you’re a large business, you can’t really expect any sympathy whatever you do.

For medium guys though, they have to work especially hard to get a content marketing strategy up and running, and they also have to make sure that it is a good one, a damn good one.

There’s too much at stake.

Get it wrong, and you’re wasting money. It’s still not something you can simply experiment with. You have to make it count.

If you’re responsible for developing a content marketing strategy that works for your medium business, let’s cheer you up first of all, with a quick look at some genius examples.

The reality of content marketing

Now let’s focus on the reality. You need one thing more than anything else, and this one thing has to be right at the core of what you do in the next six months to a year and beyond with content. You need a focus on real quality. Not dross. Real quality content.

If you can build a team that can provide this within your organisation, go for it. You may well have the money to do this, and more importantly you could even have the talented individuals that make up such a team. This may be the case.

If it isn’t the case, there are two options open to you.

Content marketing agency or freelance?

That’s the choice. A content marketing agency or marketing agency is a great way to create the kind of content we are talking about. There are many pitfalls and benefits to an agency, and maybe one day I’ll talk about them. But they can cost a lot of money. If you have the budget, spend it wisely. Or take the second option.

Freelancers are great value only if you find a good one though. Again, I can’t go into detail on how to hire one, but suffice to say there are many different variations. And just like ice cream, some flavours will not sit well with you.

The medium-sized business has a number of challenges when managing content marketing. If you are in a position where you need content for your company as part of it’s marketing push, get going. But realise this.

You can spend a lot of money on content marketing. Ensure you get it right.

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