The Secret To Getting Things Done (It’s Not What You Think)

There have been countless books, courses and other resources created over the last zillion years about motivation. Many of them are good and useful.

But one of the key aspects of the motivation industry is the complexity. If you want to ‘get things done’ you have to buy a system, integrate it into your life (often a painful process) and then maintain it. It’s usually a demanding project that takes a lot of time. 

And isn’t that missing the point just a little?

The most important thing to do is the only thing to do

It’s important to remember that we all have limitations. And one of the most common limitations that we all share is the inability to effectively focus on one thing for a long period of time. It has been worsened, as a limitation, over the years, as the Internet grew and became so powerful it has spread into little devices we can’t easily remove from our hands.

Our attention spans are shot, basically.

But we kid ourselves. We tell ourselves that we can multi-task. That getting things done means having six things on the go at the same time. 

Worse, we tell others, who can’t multitask (or won’t) that they are ineffective. Not being able to finish 3 reports simultaneously by lunchtime is a weakness. It doesn’t fit with our modern world, where there are apps that allow teams to share documents, message each other, and generally show how incredibly productive we all are.

How about if you just focus on one thing and get it done?

It doesn’t matter how small and simple that one thing is. It could be a simple email response. It could be the writing of that report. Or it could be a series of reports that need finishing and then putting together into some seamless whole, and emailing off to the boss.

Imagine how much more effective you would be if you just did one thing at a time, and focused on that one thing only, with no distractions?

Try it. Decide to focus on one big job (the scarier the better) and turn off your phone, disable any notifications that might ping through on your computer. Give it two hours and just get it done.

This isn’t about Pomodoro Technique, or Getting Things Done. It isn’t about having  a system. It’s simply about prioritising what is important and then focusing on one thing at a time.

I guarantee that if you do this you will be 100% more productive in a week.

Try it. Its guaranteed.

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