How To Build Sales Over The Next Six Months

If you want to increase the amount of sales you make, there are four sound methods that will help to massively boost your overall sales performance. The methods outlined below are not necessarily quick fixes, but they work on building confidence in your product, and building your client list over time. They also work for teams, managers and leaders. And of course, the cold call warriors too.

Build a discovery list

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If you’re in a high pressure environment, this is not something you can do easily. However, if you’re serious about building sales over time, with quality clients, spend less time selling and more time discovering.

First up, basic validation of prospects. After a prospect converts on your website, and they have submitted their email address and therefore become a lead, this is where you can spend time either qualifying them or disqualifying them as prospects. And this is where the discovery approach makes most sense. Spending time at this stage discovering as much as you can about them before you even try to sell is an absolute must.

Use their email address to help you find out where they work and to locate their website. After a good and thorough period of research of their website, you should be able to work out whether or not their needs can be met by your product or service. You’ll also be able to understand the history of the company.

Assuming you feel you can help them, add them to a Discovery list. Keep doing this until you have a list of companies that you know you can help. You’ll also know about pain points, because you’ve spent some time understanding where they come from, and what they need as a company to grow.

The Discovery List is not a traditional lead list. Your first call is all about thanking them for downloading your report or giving you their email. It’s about asking them questions about their latest activity on your site and in their own business. It’s about not even talking about your product. Build a relationship in which they know you may have something that can help them. Then tell them you look forward to talking to them again. Ask if it is okay if you contact them again in the future if there is an article or video you think may help them.

And then that’s it.

The Discovery List contains long-term leads that you anticipate will take months to convert. Be good with that and take that approach forward.

If you discover and nurture just ten large leads in this way, imagine the ROI in the months ahead.

Use The Big G

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Google contains one of the very best ways to boost your sales. If you’re looking for information about any lead, you have a high chance of finding what you want just through Google search.

Even if you don’t know the name of the person you are hoping will become a lead, you can usually find out more about them by Googling their company. Most websites have details of key staff in a company. As soon as you find details about decision makers, Google their names and at some point you will find a way into the company.

A short cut is to literally type in ‘CEO of (company name)’ or ‘Managing Director of (company name)’.

Lead the pack

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One of the biggest reasons B2B leaders hire services and buy products is because they are impressed with them. If you want to be hired or bought from, build up that presence online that tells people ‘this is someone who knows what they are doing’.

Take the time and put in the effort to develop your thoughts and ideas online. If you visit online forums where you can help people and take part in those discussions, you are already on the way to ‘thought leadership‘.

Over time, you will be seen as someone to come to for advice in your area of expertise. If you push this out across all your social media channels and you participate in business communities online, people will think of you and your brand when they’re ready to buy.

Use LinkedIn

With B2B prospects, you can’t go wrong with LinkedIn. Even if you don’t subscribe to Premium, you can still find out a lot of information about prospects by doing a basic search on the platform.

The next time you’re looking at a cold lead, search for them on LinkedIn. Even the weakest profiles have a lot of information on the prospect. It pays to learn more about them and find an angle before you call.

If you spend time getting familiar with LinkedIn and how you can use it to find leads, your ‘muscle’ in this area will grow. Soon, you’ll be fine-tuning it, homing in on qualified leads faster and more effectively. You’ll be part of Groups, finding even more prospects there. You’ll be crafting emails and messages that speak directly to the people who can buy and are in need of your product.

So there we go. The four ideas above are not to be taken lightly. They need discipline and focus. If you waver from daily practice of the above you’ll only slow down.

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