Some Actual Real-Life Advice On Using Twitter For Your Business

Ahh, Twitter.

I have to confess I’m a bit of a Twitter addict. In fact, last week I had to finally remove the app from my iPhone because I was using it just a little too much and it was affecting my productivity. And that’s just scary.

But if you use Twitter for your business you may have noticed something strange happening over the last few months. Twitter has become incredibly saturated. It’s become bloated. Just like the famous ‘Fail Whale’ the company introduced.

Does that mean Twitter is a waste of time? Yes, if you are on it too much. It will sap your energy and distract you from work. Like most social media, it is best in small doses.

But if you work hard to create an intelligent Twitter routine you’re in good shape. Using some of the ideas below should help you tighten things up with the blue bird. Try one of the tips this week and see how you go. It may just make a big difference.

Tweet with quality

If you’re just copying links and blasting them out every day, change it a little. Every now and then create your own bit of quality copy. Then link.

This makes perfect sense because people see these links many times a day. They may even see the link you have in your tweet twice, three times in one day. How could that possibly make you different, and ‘authority’?

Tweet a lot

Let’s get real on this one. If you tweet a hundred times a day (it’s possible) people are just going to ignore you. Instead, focus on getting out as many as you can without diluting the quality. I’ve found that you will stumble upon your own rhythm here. Currently, some days I tweet 40 times and it feels right. I love sending out news to followers. Other days, I may just tweet 10 times. Don’t worry about it, and don’t listen to anyone who says you can tweet a maximum of five times a day or whatever, Tweet to the level you feel like. Just don’t make the mistake of not tweeting.

Tweet regularly

Don’t leave a wasteland of empty space in your stream for any length of time. If you’re not tweeting every day you may as well not be on Twitter.

I know, that’s a little controversial and it probably goes against what people are saying at the moment. But it works for me. Tweet every day and you will be in people’s streams, simple as that. And If you tweet every day (according to your rhythm) you will have fun.

And fun is what Twitter is.

So there you go. This approach actually works for me, so it has some value. Perhaps the best thing to say here is that there really is no perfect approach, which is why all those Twitter gurus who say there is an ideal approach to Twitter for business are generally not around for very long.

Have fun with it, and Twitter will learn to love you.

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