How To Make Your Next Blog Post Your Best

If you are considering writing a blog post for your business, or hiring someone else to do it for you, there are a number of things you need to ensure are present and correct. While there may be no ‘magic formula’ for a great blog post, there is certainly a set of key elements that should ensure the post is enjoyed when it gets read.

This is vital stuff. People can spend hours on writing blog posts, so it is practically criminal to write posts that just don’t cut the mustard. Take into account the following the next time you feel like compiling your thoughts.

  • Your first essential if you are to make your next blog post a great one is to include meaningful bullet points. This means ensuring that the bullets you include look right and seem natural. Bullet points help to break up a page, and make it more readable, but don’t just use them because of this. Instead, find a way to chunk your information meaningfully with natural bullets.
  • Always have some imagery, the more arresting the better. Any blog post these days that doesn’t have an image or two attached to it is certainly looking at a low view count, and that isn’t good. Choose images that you know will either resonate with your audience or are different enough to stop people in their tracks. Remember there are literally millions of blog posts out there right now. How can you get someone’s attention instantly?
  • Finally, write well. Really well. There may be millions of blog posts out there, but a good proportion of them are really badly written. This means that you have a huge competitive advantage if you are able to craft good blog posts that are written by what looks like a grown-up. It makes a huge difference, even when it comes to something small like checking your spelling.

The 3 essentials outlined above should ensure that your blog posts start picking up traction. Focus on this level of quality, and you are already better than at least 75% of what is out there.

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