9 Blog Post Ideas You Can Use Today

Running a blog is a great and exciting adventure, especially when it starts to gain traction and a following. 

But it takes work, and if you begin to become even remotely successful, at some point you will find yourself with a dry well when it comes to blog ideas.

Don’t despair. Here are 9 ways in which you can get more content up on that blog easily and quickly.

  1. Add to someone else’s article or blog post. If you read an incredibly interesting and thought-provoking blog post that misses out a point that you would add, add it. Create your own blog post by linking to the one you liked, then adding your own input on top. This way you’re showing you have expertise, as well as respect for other bloggers.
  2. Get reflective and think about a lesson or a challenge that you experienced this year. It may have been a tricky aspect of customer service, or staring bankruptcy in the face. How did you cope? What resources did you draw from?
  3. Interview an industry leader, or just a fellow business owner in your field. It is always interesting to hear what experts or other foot soldiers are dealing with and how they are dealing with it. The insights your audience can gain are incredibly valuable.
  4. Compare two strategies that you have used to move your business forward. What has worked, and how do the two strategies help or hinder? Think about your sales process, for example.
  5. Provide a list of business books that have inspired you and review them briefly. This really makes for a valuable resource, and allows your readership to understand you better.
  6. Profile a customer/client. Case studies are very powerful, and if you can back them up with high quality video interviews, you’re well on the way to real engagement.
  7. What questions do your customers have about your product or service? These are great, especially if you think about the fact that the Internet is based on queries. Answer questions in a snappy blog post and you are literally helping prospects.
  8. Focus on a trend that is emerging in your industry and give the reader your take. If you think it’s a joke, say so. If you think it’s the future, evangelise.
  9. How did you become an expert in your field? List out the characteristics and the challenges you faced to get to where you are.

These 9 blog ideas should be easy to pull together in a few minutes, and you’d be surprised how quickly they spin off into further content.

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