How To Double Your Income As A Freelance Writer

Notice I didn’t write ‘in two days’ right there. This is no quick and easy method to double your writing income. However, if you work hard at the following approaches, you will see an improvement fairly soon. And you will eventually double the money you make.

This is about the established freelance writer. If you’re making money through client work, this is for you.

Hopefully, I’ll help you make more.

Get rid of the worst

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You will have a number of clients. That’s what being a freelance writer is all about. But not all clients are the same.

For some reason, you’ve picked up clients that pay you the lowest possible rate. No one is going to judge you here. At some point, working for £8 an hour was absolutely necessary.

However, it’s not right. Take your lowest paying client, finish off any outstanding work and then say goodbye to them. You don’t need it any more. And with the time you just gained by ditching them, you can invest in your future with marketing to better prospects.

Working for peanuts helps no one. And it stops you from working for better quality clients.

Is this scary? It can be. Literally cutting off chunks of your income can be challenging. But think about how it can also lead you to situations where you can spend more time finding bigger, better-paying clients. It is worth it.

Raise your rates

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This is the important part. If you’re looking to double your income, it’s important that you think like a business. This is because a business will raise it’s fees periodically.

Clients will expect this too. If you’re lucky enough to have a client who sticks with you for a long time, they will expect a small increase in prices every now and then. Once a year seems reasonable.

To make sure you get this right, commit to increasing your current fees by a small amount every year. That pay increase should automatically be attached to all new clients too, going forward.

This automatically increases your income. It doesn’t double it, but it increases it. And if you stick to raising rates a little every year, for example, your income will increase.

Get better clients

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Okay, it’s not easy to get better clients as a freelance writer. You have to work at it. But once you’ve made the effort, and stuck to the commitment of getting better clients, it’s all worth it.

Those online job boards you’re constantly circling like a shark? They’re doing nothing for your career. Instead, start pitching to established magazines and sites. For example, Listverse isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but they offer $100 an article (or listicle). That’s not particularly challenging work, and it pays better than the online job board stuff.

Make the commitment, and get better clients.

It’s possible

It really is. The above will not happen overnight. You’ll have to spend time getting the marketing right, and the attitude too.

Over the course of a year though, you’ll find that you’re making more money. You’ll feel less stressed and more able to concentrate on the actual writing, rather than the chasing of clients.

And then, one day, you’ll even double your writing income.

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