Growing a Startup Isn’t Easy. Andrew Knows How To Do It

Full respect to those warriors who have created a startup and are working to build it. It takes guts and it takes vision.

Perhaps it takes a lot more than just guts and vision though. Right now, COVID-19 is still turning the world upside down, and bringing tragedy and loss to everyone. Growing a startup is not easy, and for many business owners, it’s not even on the priority list.

However, if you do own a startup and you’re committed to getting through this, serving your customers and providing for your loved ones, the battle is still there.

Meet @Andrewstartups

That’s not his real name, that’s Andrew Lee Miller. He’s a guy who has made a name for himself by helping startups stay on a path of growth. The reason I’m bringing him up is I’m hopefully going to get an interview with the guy soon.

I think his ideas are useful to everyone. You don’t have to own a startup to benefit. You could be a freelancer, someone who works for themselves but doesn’t have $2 million of funding to be responsible for. Or you could have a startup and you’re in the process of pushing it forward. But the current situation (and the financial aftermath to come) is casting a dark cloud over the venture.

No one is saying growing a business is easy. But you can do certain incredibly important things right. I believe Andrew knows what those things are.

I hope to have the interview soon. In the meantime, check out his latest blog post.

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