How To Ask Clients For Testimonials

Believe it or not, clients will happily give testimonials if you have delivered great work. They have spent money on trying to find a great solution to a problem they have. They found you. And you over delivered.

So asking them for a testimonial makes sense. And the more glowing testimonials you have, the more you can use them to convince new potential clients how useful and effective you are.

There are many ways in which you can ask for a testimonial. We are going to look at just one of those today, and it’s the method that has worked consistently for me.

Asking for a testimonial via email

This is one of the easiest ways to quickly gain a testimonial from a client, and all it requires is a simple and direct email. Follow the template below and send it to clients who you have completed work for.

Hi __________

I wonder if you could help me out quickly.

Would it be possible for you to write a very brief testimonial? I will add it to my list of successful clients and their testimonials.

It shouldn’t take too long. Just a few words explaining the work I did for you and what you thought of it, etc. Just a few words really.

All you have to do is reply to this email with your testimonial.

It would be amazing to add your testimonial to my list.

Look forward to hearing from you,

(your name)

I think you will agree that this email template is very simple and direct. And that is all it has to be. You shouldn’t over complicate things when it comes to asking for testimonials.

Some tips

Firstly, you should absolutely ask for a testimonial, and as soon as possible after a job as finished. It will only be a few days before the client potentially forgets what you have done. So get the email out to them as soon as you possibly can.

Secondly, if you have a website or portfolio (and I’m assuming you do), make sure the testimonials you have are displayed at the start of a prospect’s experience. This means that the very first thing a potential client will read about you is positive. This also means that you have real ‘social proof’, in that people will see that you are trusted by real people who have bought your service.

Finally, don’t pester clients about testimonials. Let’s be honest, if we receive a request for a testimonial, it’s never the first thing on our to-do list. To get it done, we might wait until a few days have passed and our schedule has become lighter.

If you don’t hear from a client, that does not necessarily mean that they are not going to write the testimonial. They may just be incredibly busy, and the last thing they want from you is a pushy email asking for the testimonial.

Always ask for a testimonial. They will bring you more freelance clients, and are a great way to ensure that your happy clients share the happiness.

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